These are not the best of times for anyone seeking to buy a V8-powered Mercedes. The supply chain issues & microchip shortages that have plagued the automotive industry have hit the Three-Pointed Star right in the cylinders; as a result, Mercedes-Benz was forced to lớn curtail orders of most V8-powered cars last year, a decision that meant many of the company"s best cars — specifically, numerous AMG models — were suddenly very hard to find new.

Luckily, as my French teacher used lớn say, there"s more than one way to skin a cat. Mercedes-AMG, of course, also trafficks in cars with fewer cylinders under the hood — and with the heavy hitters sidelined, buyers might be willing to consider something else that packs the same looks và luxury, but a little less nguồn (and, as a bonus, a lower price).

Case in point: the Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4-Door, which the brand would prefer I hotline a coupe in spite of a moniker that literally contains the words "four door." As the bronze medalist in the GT 4-door lineup, below the GT 63 và GT 63 S, the GT 53 may not capture quite as many hearts và minds as the eight-pot versions, but it"s otherwise almost identical — và as such, plenty appealing, especially in a market placing V8s out of reach.

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AMG"s turbo six packs plenty of punch


Plus, unlike its E-Class relation, the GT 4-Door"s back seat is only meant for two people. Sure, you could spend a grand lớn outfit the central spot with a cushion and a seat belt, but it"s not a place anyone is likely going khổng lồ want to sit. Far better lớn spend $3,550 for the Executive Rear Seat Package instead, which turns those two true seating positions into mini-Maybach thrones, with a fixed armrest, heated & cooled cupholders and three-prong 110-volt, USB-C & wireless Qi charging power nguồn options.

Speaking of expenditures — even aside from supply chain issues, the inline-six GT 4-Door would make a solid case for itself based on the extra fun it lets you have with the Mercedes options list. Even with a plethora of add-ons, the GT 53 still comes in below the starting price for the GT 63. Và apart from those rare moments where you wind up next lớn a BMW M5 CS on Woodward và feel compelled to defend your honor in a stoplight drag, you"ll likely never consider the GT 53 slow. Even if the GT 63 were in bountiful supply, the six-cylinder version would still seem like a solid choice.

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Base Price / Price as Tested: $103,650 / $124,220

Powertrain: Turbocharged inline-six with mild electric assistance; nine-speed automatic; all-wheel-drive

Horsepower: 429

Torque: 384 lb-ft

EPA Fuel Economy: 19 mpg city, 25 mpg đô thị highway

Seats: Four


A German luxury wagon with supercar moves and a body to match? Shut up & take my money.


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