The Honda SH150i, as a larger-displacement variant of the successful SH125i, offers an extra portion of motor-driven brilliance that makes daily mobility even more pleasurable. The equipment fulfills all wishes: economical four-valve eSP + engine with traction control và automatic start / stop, elegant design, flat step-through, LCD cockpit, LED lighting technology, 28 liters of storage space, USB-C charging socket & smart key operation. The technology remains untouched for the year 2022, two new colors provide fresh appeal.

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The first Honda SH150i four-stroke came onto the market in Europe in 2001 and is part of the SH family, which has sold millions of times, the ancestor of which, the SH50, was already on the market in 1984. His mission was stylish & uncomplicated mobility that is fun, in combination with slightly more displacement and power than the 125cc sister model. The background to lớn this is that it is legally possible to drive on motorways in Italy. So the SH150 was able to lớn develop into one of the most popular scooters there.

The combination of economical engine, delightful driving performance and safe driving behavior thanks khổng lồ stable 16-inch wheels was the cornerstone of the company"s success. All of this packaged in an elegant và high-quality design & an extra portion of more power that tops driving in the most pleasant way. The SH150i, equipped with PGM FI injection since 2005, has developed over a decade và a half into one of the best mobility solutions & offers the perfect balance between style, reliability, economy & user-friendliness.

The history of the SH models is evidence of constant further development. The aim was always to offer customers a further improved version. In 2013, the scooter was equipped with Honda"s friction-optimized eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) motor & an automatic start / stop system, which improved nguồn delivery & reduced fuel consumption. In 2017, striking design lines & LED front / rear lights freshened the look, & a smart key system was installed.


The SH150i, manufactured at the Honda Atessa plant in Italy, was last completely redesigned for 2020 and, in the tradition of its predecessors, was once again livelier, more stylish, more comfortable và more user-friendly. Technically, the SH150i continues unchanged into model year 2022, but the successful scooter comes in two new paint versions with red logos & black rims.

Model overview

The SH150i is one of the most popular scooters in Europe. In the meantime, the all-time bestseller shines with the euro 5-compliant four-valve eSP + engine, which offers plenty of power và torque with improved fuel efficiency. Traction control is also a bonus that users will appreciate. In Germany, the SH150i is also enjoying increasing popularity, because the increase in displacement và power is the icing on the cake và noticeably increases driving pleasure.

The truss frame allows additional storage space. The chassis set-up ensures a pleasant level of comfort, & the body toàn thân with its stylish front end lends it timeless elegance. All-round LED lighting & easy-to-read LCD instruments round off the practical equipment. The SH150i with Smart Topcase is available as standard equipment on the German market. Prospective buyers can choose between 5 variants:

Standard SH125i without accessoriesSH125i with Smart TopboxSH125i with Smart Topbox, hand guards and windshieldSH125i with standard top boxSH125i with standard đứng top box, hand guards and windshield

Two brand new colors, as well as red logos and black rims give the 2022 mã sản phẩm year a pleasing look, so the SH150i is available in five paint variants:

Matt Pearl Cool trắng **NEW**Mat Rock Gray **NEW**Pearl Night Star BlackTimeless Gray MetallicPearl Splendor RedEquipment features

3.1 Styling & equipment

Modern SH design with flat access28 liters of storage space under the bench, USB charging socketLED lighting technology, LCD cockpit

Elegant but also solid - these were the cornerstones for the bodywork design & the premium claim of the SH150i. At first glance, the striking front is impressive: the headlight (a disguised "H" made of LEDs) consists of a central high beam surrounded by two low beam, while the position lights are on top of the handlebars.

In the 2022 model year, too, the elegant look is at the service of the best possible functionality. Compact design, step-through with a flat floor và an upright driving position (important for user-friendliness and the best overview in thành phố traffic) are still distinctive features. The storage space under the pillion seat results in a 28 liter helmet compartment. A USB charging socket is also on board.

The flat bench allows good support and freedom of movement at the same time, its shape và the slim step board make it easier to reach the floor when stopping. Since many trips in the đô thị are made with a pillion passenger, there is enough space for two people. The foldable aluminum footrests provide a stable step surface for the passenger and are a real advantage, especially when braking.

The chrome-framed rear light is also made with LED giải pháp công nghệ to match the front. Warning lights for Smartkey, HSTC, ABS, automatic start / stop and the central digital speedometer / kilometer display are clearly shown on the LCD display. The information unit is operated using buttons on the handlebars.

The SH150i smart key can be conveniently left in the driver"s pocket, there is no need lớn manually use the key for the ignition, fuel filler cap & seat. The key also has two function buttons. One khổng lồ switch the smart function on và off and another to lớn start the answer-back function - a signal from the indicators makes it easier to identify your own scooter in a well-filled parking lot.

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If the scooter detects the smartkey in the immediate vicinity, the main switch can be switched on by pressing it once. The driver can now operate the ignition, unlock the steering lock and xuất hiện the fuel tank cap & seat using a toggle switch. After pressing the main switch or activation via the answer-back function of the smartkey, a blue ring light on the switch unit signals readiness for operation.

3.2 Engine

eSP + four-valve engine with 16,9 hp and 14,9 Nm torqueHSTC traction control (Honda Selectable Torque Control)Automatic start-stop, economical consumption, complies with triệu euro 5

The eSP + four-valve motor (enhanced Smart Power) of the SH150i develops 16,9 PS (12,4 kW) at 8.500 rpm, the maximum torque is 14,9 Nm và is achieved at 6.500 rpm. Bore và stroke measure 60 x 55,4 mm, the compression is 12: 1. The compact motor is a masterpiece of mass centralization. The cooler is placed directly on the engine instead of on the front of the scooter. High cooling efficiency also enables the use of a particularly compact fan.


The liquid-cooled SOHC single-cylinder four-stroke engine has a low-friction design. A clever offset cylinder arrangement minimizes the friction between the piston và the cylinder liner. The combustion has been optimized with a modern shape of the combustion chamber and a streamlined intake duct for powerful draft. The outside of the cylinder liner has a fine rib structure, which improves cooling và keeps oil consumption low. The rolling resistance of the gear wheels is minimized through the use of three main bearings.

The fuel consumption (without activated automatic start-stop) is only 2,2 liters per 100 kilometers. The engine of the SH150i complies with the euro 5 emissions standard. Honda"s HSTC traction control (Honda Selectable Torque Control), which prevents loss of grip on the rear wheel, ensures more safety in wet conditions and treacherous asphalt. If the traction control intervenes, a display flashes in the cockpit. The system can also be deactivated by the driver.

With the eSP + engine, the focus is on smooth running và economical fuel consumption. The valve train uses rocker arms with needle bearings, which slide over the camshaft with rollers to lớn reduce friction. Lightweight valves reduce the moving masses, which allows the valve spring forces khổng lồ be kept low in conjunction with adapted cam profiles.

The automatic start-stop system temporarily switches the engine off after it has been idling for three seconds. A quick turn of the throttle is then all it takes to lớn wake the engine up & running again without having khổng lồ operate the electric starter. The system can be activated or deactivated via a switch on the handlebar. A special function of the maintenance-free battery monitors the state of charge & deactivates the automatic start-stop system if the current level in the lower range và permanent charging by the alternator makes sense in the case of heavy use.

The ACG alternator also serves as an electric starter. This ensures unusual smoothness when starting, because the otherwise usual noises when the electric starter engages via gears are eliminated. An automatic decompression mechanism contributes lớn an exemplary starting behavior.

3.3 landing gear

High-strength tubular steel frame with underfloor tank16 inch wheels on the front and rear for a safe driving experienceLarge legroom and plenty of storage space

With the tubular steel frame, the 7 liter tank is arranged under the driver"s feet to lớn save space, which contributes khổng lồ greater legroom và plenty of storage space under the seat bench. The wheelbase is 1.350 mm and the turning circle is 2,05 meters. The seat height of 799 milimet should be easy lớn climb for people of all sizes, the weight is 138 kg with a full tank

Lightweight 16-inch cast aluminum wheels và tubeless Michelin thành phố Grip tires in sizes 100 / 80-16 at the front và 120 / 80-16 at the rear are the key to safe handling and high stability on all road surfaces.

The suspension struts offer 83 milimet of travel, the spring preload can be adjusted 5 times. The 33 mm telescopic fork with 89 mm suspension travel is designed for comfortable, precise driving behavior & supports safe road holding. The brake system with ABS has discs with a diameter of 240 milimet at the front & rear. The front brake caliper has two pistons, the rear brake caliper has one piston.


On the German market, the SH150i is equipped as standard with the Smart Topcase for operating the locking device using a Smartkey. An alternative windscreen and hand protectors for improved weather protection are optionally available.

TypeLiquid-cooled four-stroke single cylinder, SOHC, triệu euro 5
Capacity157 cm3
Valves per cylinder4
Bore x stroke60 x 55,5
Maximum power16,9 PS (12,4 kW) at 8.500 RPM
Max. Torque14,9 Nm at 6.500 rpm
Engine oil capacity1 liter
mixture preparationPGM-FI petrol injection
Tankinhalt7 liter
Consumption2,2 liters on 100 km
Battery12 volts / 7 Ah
alternator670 W at 5.000 rpm
Clutchcentrifugal clutch
GearAutomatic, stepless
Final driveV-belt
frameTubular steel frame with girder
Front suspensionTelescopic fork 33 mm Ø
Rear suspensionDrive train swing arm, two struts
Rim in front16M / C x MT 2.50
Rim at the back16M / C x MT 2.75
Front tire size100 / 80-16 in
Tire size rear120 / 80-16 in
ABS system2 Channel
Front brakeOne disc with 240 mm Ø, two-piston brake caliper
rear brakeA disc with a diameter of 240 mm, single-piston brake calliper
length x WIDTH X HEIGHT2.090 mm x 730 milimet x 1.130 mm
wheelbase1.350 mm
Steering head angle26°
trailing85,2 mm
seat height799 mm
ground clearance145 mm
Weight with a full tank138 kg
turning circle2.05 m
InstrumentsLCD display with speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge. Displays for smart key system, automatic start-stop, HSTC traction control

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