Welcome khổng lồ the Adventure Motorcycle Traveller Reviews. Here’s a 20,000-mile review of the Honda CRF 250Rally by round-the-world motorcycle traveller James Clark.


The Honda CRF250 Rally is reliable, easy khổng lồ maintain & service, has decent off-road ability and comes in at an affordable price.

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It’s heavy for its power delivery & on-road ability is limited. I’d lượt thích to see it shed 20kg & a dose more torque! 

I wouldn’t say it is perfect. I could menu you a number of things I would change (power, weight, road ability), but if I had the chance khổng lồ choose again I’d probably still end up picking the CRF250 Rally again.

I only chạy thử rode one khổng lồ rule it out, but here I am 22,000 miles later sitting on it in Thailand !

A round the world motorcycle is always a compromise. The road và conditions change, but sadly your xe đạp can’t change with them. So, choose something that will allow you lớn enjoy your trip as much as possible. In my opinion your mindset is more important than the bike itself.

James Clark

James is from the UK and currently on a round the world motorcycle trip. His objective is khổng lồ ride round the world by motorcycle with as little lớn no flying if possible.

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He’s currently trapped in thailand due lớn the Coronavirus pandemic, but as soon as it clears up he’ll be making his way khổng lồ Australia. 

Follow his awesome adventures here:

Read more about his trip here: Trapped by Coronavirus

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In nearly all countries I traveled you can find CRF 250 bikes. So spare part availability is a big plus. Would be interesting if nguồn / torque got improved with the 300cc version.


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